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High degree of security for the user (double system of security).
Evacuation of passengers guaranteeed in case of failure in electrical supply. The system has a coil 12v connected to a battery of reservation like element of series, that allows to finalise the distance until the most next stop and open the doors.
High degree of security for the operario because of his form of setting. Construction of the first to the last floor.
Piston like element of mass.
Surer in case of seismic movements by the absence of the counterweight in the hydraulic.


High degree of reliability by the little maintenance that needs the installation because of the minor wear of his components.
Prices of installation and maintenance more economic. Minor utilisation of components.
Setting easier.
The hydraulic system does not overburden the structure of the edifice, allows that the hollow of elevator do not need of walls of concrete, that is to say does not need formwork.


Optimisation of the space of the house, without need to use a chamber of machines, which allows more possibilities to install an elevator with limitation of space been due to:
-    Cupboard or MC = the machinery goes inside a cupboard that can situate in any place of the edifice.
-    MRL = Takes advantage of the hollow of the foso of the elevator to situate inside the hydraulic machinery.
Energetic efficiency

Softness of operation in start and unemployed.
Energetic consumption only in rise. In descent uses the gravity without need to consume.
The fluid does not consume . Only it uses .