Montacoches DHC (People on board)

Montacoches DHC (personas a bordo)

Montacoches DHC (People on board)

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DHC,  the platform montacoches with people on board is the ideal solution for the vertical transfer of vehicles with his passengers.

General characteristics:

Dimensions under demand.
I am used to of sheet antideslizante.
Pulsador Of alarm.
Luz of emergency in botonera of cabin.
Modular signposts of easy setting / desmontaje.
Devices of luminous control with Braille and pulsador of alarm.
Telephone (2 units).

Technical characteristics:

Capacity of load: 2500 Kg.
Route: until 12 m.
Foso estandar: 320 mm.
It improves engine: 5,5 CV or 7,5 CV.
Diet: Trifásica (230/400).
Stops: boundless.
Speed: 0,009 m/s or 0,13 m/s.
Hydraulic group with valve of progressive action, manual bomb and key of closing.
Picture of manoeuvre with electronic plate no reprogramable.

Systems of security:

Acuñamiento By break of cable.
Valve parachute hiráulica.
Court of manoeuvre by aflojamiento of cables.
Battery of emergency by cut of electrical fluid.
Renivelación Automatic.
Timer final security of route.
Pulsador Of alarm.
Luz of emergency.
Tope Mechanical and electrical of sobrerecorrido.
Preostato Of load.
Mushroom of stop.
Photoelectric curtains (protection perimetral).


Control to distance.
Manual or automatic doors (batientes, seccionables,...).
SAI Of electrical diet for courts of electrical fluid with autonomy of aprox. 10 min.
Telephone of emergency type SAR with call to the service 24 h.