Montacagas PRH-1

Montacagas PRH-1

Designed to elevate loads of until 3000 kg in a column, for a wide range of dimensions, routes and unemployed.

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Technical characteristics

· System of impulsión by means of simple hydraulic cylinder effect (type diver) of push indirect (relation 2:1),with a nominal pressure of 90 bar.
· Traction by cable of steel antigiratorio 19x7+0.
· Nominal speed 0,10 m/s.
· Electrical manoeuvre semi-premontada to 24 v. For two stops, by means of electronic plate, or with programmable automaton for three stops or more, and for  special options (doors of lick, isonivelación, etc.).
· Floor of steel antideslizante.
· Possibility of until three ship, in each one of the levels.
· Electrical engine trifásico or monofásico (according to model).
· Botoneras External of surface with stop of mushroom.
· Finishing in “Grey Martelé”.
System of security

Control of aflojamiento of cables with electrical contact of security.
Contact of security in final of route.
Valve of security by overpressure.
Hydraulic parachute.
Control of security by time of operation.
Rail of protection in side of guides.

· Nominal speed 0,20 m/s.
· Cylinder in two pieces. Recommended with upper routes to 8 m (relation 2:1).
· Upper routes to 12 m in other relations (consult).
· Lateral protections.
· Isonivelación: Normal or with two engines. It maintains the platform enrasada with plant in the processes of load and download.
· System of security of doors by means of electrical lock (recommended)  or levies retractable.
· Rescatador Of emergency.
· Resistance of caldeo.
· Botoneras To bed.
· System of traction by means of chains.
· Supply of separate base of the chassis.
· Treatment anti-corrosivo by means of galvanised in hot and terminations in sheet of stainless steel (other finishings consult).
· Manual doors of a leaf, two leaves or of lick articulated.
Rank of application

· Capacity of load from 150 kg to 3000 kg.
· Nominal speed 0,10 m/s or 0,20 m/s.
· Maximum route 12 m in relation 2:1 (consult for upper routes in other relations).
· No apt for use of people.