Model DHSE

Modelo DHSE

MODEL DHSE, the best solution of the market for the vertical scrolling of people with mobility reduced.

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General characteristics:

Route: Until 1,9m.
Speed: 0,15 m/s.
Colour RAL3005 (another low request).
Cabin and panoramic doors.
Suelo antideslizante.
Easy setting.
Bellows of inferior protection
Dimensions platform: 900 x 1200.

Technical characteristics:

Electrical traction by means of without-end.
Ramps of acceleration and braked very soft.
Legs of subjection to soil and wall.
Foso 120.
Llavín Of disconnection in all the botoneras.
Battery of rescue by cut of electrical supply.
Enclosed guides in sheet to avert entrapment.
Engine 1CV with connection monofásica.


Ramp of access.
Double ship 90°.
Cabin of 900x1400.
Motorised doors.
Control to distance.
Folding seat interior.