Model DHM

Modelo DHM

DHM 300, definitely the platform hydraulic elevador that better adapts to his house, manufacture entirely customised so much in measures as in route and with a very wide range of finishings, where you will be able to contribute any type of suggestion so much in the materials as in the design of his own particular elevator.

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General characteristics:

Dimensions under demand
I am used to of rubber antideslizante
Devices of control in BRAILLE
Pulsador Of alarm

Caracteristicas Technical:

Route until 14m.
Foso Minimum 200 mm. (Consult for minor)
It improves engine 3 CV. (2,2 kW)

Systems of security:

Acuñamiento By break of cable.
Hydraulic parachute
Court of manoeuvre by aflojamiento of cables
Battery of emergency by cut of electrical supply