HomeGlide Extra

HomeGlide extra

Chair salvaescaleras HomeGlide Extra
For straight stairs and curves

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The recent introduction of the HomeGlide Extra for complete straight stairs the range of chairs salvaescaleras of Access BDD. It offers a series of elegant and functional improvements, maintaining a competitive price. The HomeGlide Extra is a chair salvaescaleras of tall quality for those who want the last in options, luxury and elegance.

Characteristics and advantages

Comfortable: new seat Flow, that adapts ergonómicamente to the user

Aesthetic design: the HomeGlide Extra is designed to integrate in the house, no only like product of mobility, and the user can choose among ten colours the model that more like him

Security: the armrests curvos fold to inside so that the user seats surer during the route

Adapted for all: the height of the seat can adjust in four different positions if it uses a platform giratoria electrical, what means that the chair HomeGlide Extra can adjust to adapt to different users

Very resistant: HomeGlide Extra can endure weights of until 146 kg with an angle of maximum stairs of 45º

Easy to save: HomeGlide Extra folds to facilitate his storage by means of the mechanism that joins the seat and the footrest

Simple access: it can add an automatic twist to HomeGlide Extra to facilitate even more the access

Technical information

Speed Máx. 0,12 m/s
Type of movement Mechanism of pinion-zip
Voltage of the engine 280W
Capacity of load 127-138kg
Batteries used 2 batteries of 12 V and 7 Ah; total, 24 V