Pneumatic elevator PVE52 (1316) 3 People

Ascensor Neumático PVE52 (1316) 3 Personas

​The elevator of empty PVE52 has been manufactured especially to cover the need to transport passengers in chair of wheels.
To the equal that the elevator of empty PVE52, can install on the existent soil in a space from 140 cm of diameter, without need of room of machines and until a maximum of 6 stops.

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The pneumatic elevator PVE52 is the perfect option of elevator for duplex and houses in which they inhabit people in chairs of wheels or with problems of mobility.

The elevator of empty PVE52 presents to the equal that the PVE52, an elegant and panoramic design that allows 360º of visibility.


· Capacity for 3 people
· Possibility to transport chair of wheels
· Available in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 stops
· Electrical diet:  220 V – 50 hz
· Load máx. Allowed: 238 Kg

· Elegant design, functional and panoramic
  (360º visibility)
· Easy to install
· Transportable
· Ecological
· Maximum security