Pneumatic elevator PVE37 (933) 2 People

Ascensor Neumático PVE37 (933) 2 Personas

Pneumatic elevator PVE37 (933) 2 People

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Empty pneumatic elevator model PVE37 933

The pneumatic elevator model PVE37 933 is the product crashes of PVE with more than 9.000 units installed all over the world. The model PVE37 933 is the residential elevator ideal for houses unifamiliares, chalets and duplex.

The pneumatic elevator PVE37 933 has an external diameter of 93 cm and capacity for two people (205 kg). Available in two, three, four and 5 stops (maximum 15m of height).

To the equal that the others models of pneumatic elevators, the PVE37 933 installs on the existent soil, is an elevator without foso neither room machines, of clean, fast and easy installation. 

The elevator of air diminishes enormously the costs of energetic consumption and maintenance, since it lacks pulleys, fats, pistons…consumes minimum energy during the ascent and invalid during the descent. The elevator that works with air an ecological elevator.

The pneumatic elevator of empty is manufactured in aluminium and transparent polycarbonate of big resistance, combining functionality with an elegant design, when being a panoramic and transparent elevator, that allows 360º of visibility inside the house.


Pneumatic elevator PVE37 933 | TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

Diet: 220V – 60/50Hz, 30Amp
Electronic circuit: Commando and control 24 V. 
It improves engine: 5 kW.
Speed: 9 m/min or 15 cm/seg.
External diameter cylinder 933 mm
Internal diameter cabin 820 mm
Internal height cabin 2007 mm
Total weight: 350 kg (for 3 m of route).
Maximum load of the pneumatic elevator: 205 kg (2 people.) 
Equipment: Iluminacián automatic, ventilation in cabin and telephone.
Security: Valve limitadora of overburdens; low tension of cabin; alarm of emergency; in case of cut of energy the cabin descends slowly until low plant; in case of free fall or excessive speed the brakes of emergency block the cabin during the first 5 cm of route.
Guarantee: Two years from the installation.
The pneumatic elevator PVE fulfils with the Directive of Machines 2006/42/EC
Certification Marked CE