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Pneumatic elevators by Empty

What is a pneumatic elevator by empty?

The pneumatic elevator by empty is a domestic elevator, composed by a vertical cylinder and a cabin that transports to the passengers in his interior.

Of what material is manufacturing the pneumatic elevator by empty?

We could say that the pneumatic elevator PVE divides in three parts:

The external structure

The external structure of the pneumatic elevator is composed by columns of available aluminium until in five colours and signposts of polycarbonate Makrolon® (Bayer) of big durability, resistance to the swipes and transparent, by what the pneumatic elevator allows 360º of visibility inside the home.[Parts of the pneumatic elevator]Parts of the pneumatic elevator

The cabin

The cabin of the pneumatic elevator is the most important part of this domestic elevator. In his interior transports to the passengers. His structure soldered and manufactured in steel offers security and stability. The cabin delascensor tyre is of black colour, to exception of the model UB52 1316 for chair of wheels, whose cabin is of stainless steel.

The pneumatic elevator by empty has illumination and automatic ventilation in cabin, inner door of security and telephone connected for any emergency.

In the top of the cabin situates the seal, key piece for the good operation of the pneumatic elevator. The seal is the attendant of hermetizar to be able to generate the empty in the upper zone of cylinder.

In the cabin are all the elements of security of the pneumatic elevator: brakes of stop in plant, brakes of emergency, button of stop of emergency, and button of alarm. These elements of security do that the pneumatic elevator was absolutely sure. Here we explain you how they work the elements of security of the pneumatic elevator.

The system of empty

It is the “engine” of the pneumatic elevator. His mission is to extract air of the interior of the cylinder to generate empty and that the cabin ascend, as well as go back to allow the entrance controlled of air for the descent.

Of this way, the pneumatic elevator turns into the best option for the domestic use.


  • Installation faster (48 Hours without unforeseen) 
  • Panoramic view
  • Without hollow
  • Without room of scheme
  • Consumption reduced
  • Space of minimum installation