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The pneumatic elevator by empty, is formed by the combination of a vertical and cylindrical pipe, of smooth internal surface and a cabin in said pipe that displaces in his interior.

   The cabin has a ceiling that conforms a piston circundado by a seal deslizante and hermetical that allows his scrolling with minimum friction, which ascends when generating   in the top of the pipe a pneumatic depression. This does that the own atmospheric pressure, main that the existent in the pipe and that acts underneath of the piston, contributes the force of ascensión. A valve that allows the entrance of air to the top of the pipe, regulates the pneumatic pressure that makes possible the descent and controls the speed of cabin.

   The inferior part of the pipe has an aperture that ensures the free entrance and start of the air to atmospheric pressure. The method of suction of air by means of two groups of turbines, that have like purpose establish a difference of pressure among the atmospheric and another minor, confined in the enclosure that limit the referred piston, the lateral walls of the pipe and his upper extremity, indicadora of minor pressure that the atmospheric, remaining therefore in the interior of the cabin and the portion of the pipe that follows under the same piston to atmospheric pressure.

   In each level of floor, the pipe has some doors with seals perimetrales, which car-hermetizan by the action of the atmospheric pressure. The cabin has half of fetter that insert in the interior of the pipe ensuring the nivelización exact in each floor, plants besides an internal door, for main security, also has a system of brake (called parachute) that act  in case to have atmospheric pressure in stop it upper of the piston, constituted by a diaphragm or piston lodged in the ceiling of the cabin that acciona the devices of brake.

In brief…. “The elevator works as if it was a syringe and if we tighten the embolo the material that there is inside the syringe displaces (goes up the cabin of the elevator) and when we aspire air does the contrary effect (go down the elevator),therefore it is the surest Elevator of the World”.