La revolución de los ascensores por aire

The revolution of the elevators by air

The perfect solution for his home. Minimum time of installation, without foso neither room of machines
Ventajas de los Ascensores Neumáticos

Advantages of the Pneumatic Elevators

Our technology is the most advanced in the sector of the elevation. It knows the advantages of our pneumatic elevators.
ELEVADORES NEUMÁTICOS : Abren un nuevo mercado

PNEUMATIC ELEVATORS : they Open a new market

A pneumatic elevator –also designated pneumatic elevator of vacio- is a species of tube crystal with a cabin that scrolls up or downwards until the level...

New program of helps for elevators 2015

Ajuts per To the rehabilitació d'edificis d'ús residential i habitatges of l'Àrea Metropolitan of Barcelona. 

Rule of guarantees conservative companies

Cual Is the period of garantia of the works effected by the conservative companies in the installations?

It is possible the change of conservative company?

The headlines of the installations can decide the change of conservative company of his installation, for this will have to proceed to:

It is compulsory to hire the maintenance of the elevator?

The rule establishes the forcing of the contracting of the service of maintenance by the headlines of the installations with Company properly registered and...